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At Sunrise Pediatrics, we offer a full range of pediatric care including sick appointments, well child check ups and immunizations. Our team of caring providers is committed to providing quality service in a comfortable, safe office setting where children and parents can feel at ease. We also take the  time to equip parents with the tools and resources necessary for the development of healthy children from birth to adolescence.

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“Bitter are the tears of a child; sweeten them. Deep are the thoughts of a child; quiet them. Sharp is the grief of a child; take it from him. Soft is the heart of a child; do not harden it.”

Pamela Glenconner


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Pencils vs Touchscreens: Learning to Write?

Date: February 26th, 2018

The widespread use of touchscreen devices among young children is impairing their development of digital dexterity, which may have a negative effect on their ability to hold a pencil and learn to write, according to a report in Tech Times.

Play activities that help build muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists -- such as cutting and sticking, building blocks, and using pull toys -- have fallen out of favor in the past decade, as parents increasingly give their children touchscreen tablets for amusement and learning.

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Human Milk in a Bottle: Are the Benefits Just as Good?

Date: January 30th, 2018

Breastfeeding or Breast Milk?
Does breastfeeding protect against atopic illness in offspring? Many previous studies did not differentiate between infants who were nursed directly at the breast versus those who were fed expressed breast milk by bottle.[1] Some preliminary data suggested differences in the potential protective benefits of breastmilk according to mode of feeding rather than type of milk consumed.[2]

Klopp and colleagues[1] sought to evaluate those potential differences in an analysis of more than 3200 infants enrolled in the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development birth cohort. They hypothesized that direct

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